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Model 3052 Walk In Tub

Model 3052 Tub Dimensions 29 3/4 in. wide x 52 in. long x 40 in. high. & Tub Capacity 60 Gallons.
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Model 3052 walk in tub

*the half wall shown behind the tub seat and extension filler is not supplied with the bathtub.

The Model 3052 is our most sought after model with a full 33 inch water depth. This model, with a 29 ¾ inch width will fit through most standard doorways or will fit with minor modifications. The tub is just under 2 feet wide above the seat, a nice size for most bathers. The tub comes complete with fixtures, hand held shower and an 8 inch extension panel to fill in a 60 inch standard tub space. This tub capacity of 60 gallons, is about the same as a standard bathtub.

Chair-High Seat for Comfortable Bathing and Easy Up and Down.

The contoured raised seat means no struggling to get down or up.

Plus, our Walk-In Bathtub is nearly twice the depth of regular tubs for true soaking comfort.

It's simply a better, more comfortable way to take a bath.


  • Lifetime Warranty on stainless steel frame, tub shell, and tub finish
  • 10 Year Parts Warranty
  • Lifetime Guarantee on door seal
  • Fits into standard bathtub space
  • One piece construction
  • Stainless steel Frame
  • Inward opening door
  • Non slip floor
  • Extra wide door for easy access
  • Built in grab bar
  • Tile flange around top of tub
  • Secondary door drain at base of door
  • Drain waste and overflow included
  • Fixtures and handheld shower
  • Extension filler piece
fixtures and handheld shower
walk in tub door handle
walk in tub


  • Right or Left hand door opening
  • Combination heated air jet and Whirlpool with Inline Heater

Hydrotherapy Systems

The thermal and mechanical properties of these systems provide powerful recuperative and healing effects. The body's reaction to the prolonged (no more than 15-20 mins) application of heat and pressure exerted by the motion of water jets or air bubbles is a pleasing and therapeutic sensation. The body's nerves carry the impulses felt at the skin deeper into the body, where they stimulate the immune system, reduce the production of stress hormones, encouraging blood flow and invigorating circulation and digestion.

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