Step 1. Review our Blueprints & select Model based on the following:

  1. Measure the space where your new walk-in tub will be installed and review the dimensions to select the tubs that will fit in that space.
  2. Measure the width of all the doorways and hallways that your walk-in tub must fit through. Compare the walk-in bathtubs that will fit through these openings.
    * It is common to widen doorways by removing the doorjambs.
    * Most Total Care in Bathing walk-in tubs will fit through a standard 30-inch opening.
  3. Consider the needs, as well as the size, of the primary users when choosing a walk-in tub.  A deep tub may be more comfortable for some bathers.  A combo hydrotherapy tub can improve the health and well being of many individuals.
    Review the amount of water necessary to fill the walk-in tub you have chosen and compare it with the capacity of your hot water heater.  Ensure there is adequate hot water supply to enjoy your new Total Care in Bathing walk-in bathtub.

Contact us if you have questions or review these details with your contractor. If you do not have a contractor call to ask us for a recommendation.

Step 2. Review the photos and diagram below and select the door placement.

This is a Left Hand (LH) Bathtub

This is a Left Hand (LH) bathtub.
The door, drain, water supply and fixtures are on the left end.

This is a Right Hand (LH) Bathtub

This is a Right Hand (RH) bathtub.
The door, drain, water supply and fixtures are on the right end.

RH Bathroom Example

This is a situation calling for “Reverse Plumbing” by your installer.
Normally, it would call for a LH bathtub because the drain and water are on the left end. Installed that way, the toilet would block the tub entry.
The best solution for ease of entry is to order a RH tub and have the installer run the drain and water supply under the tub to the other end. There is a 3-4 inch clearance under the tub shell/frame.

Step 3. Call Total Care in Bathing ™ at 1-855-392-5546.
Our order specialists are available (including evenings and weekends) to assist you in your order placement. We will arrange for your payment by check or credit card and immediately email or FAX your Purchase Order for your review and approval.


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