walk in tub

Our one-piece construction design is what makes our walk in bath stand apart from any other walk-in bath on the market. Every other walk in bath on the market utilizes two-piece construction! The most crucial element to a walk-in bath is its strength and rigidity. Any flex in the tub from water or user weight will cause the door to leak. The top and side of our tub are molded into one piece, which gives the tub the proper strength it needs to be able to withstand the users weight and also the water weight in the tub without causing changes in the structure of the bathtub.

Stainless Steel Frame

Our walk in tubs feature a polished stainless steel frame which adds superior strength, durability and longevity. Many tubs on the market do not have a frame at all which will affect the structure of the bathtub over time. Non stainless steel frames will also deteriorate in a wet environment.

Our tubs feature a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel frame, tub shell, tub finish, and door seal. All other parts have a 10 Year warranty. All tubs also have a built in grab bar and a tile flange for a watertight seal around your surround wall.

At Total Care in Bathing ™ we are here to help and answer all of your questions. Please call us and we will work with you to customize a package deal especially designed to fit your needs and budget.


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