Why Total Care in Bathing ™ walk in bath beats the competition:

Total Care in Bathing ™ was established in 2000 after seeing the high cost of european imported tubs. We wanted to be able to offer a much higher quality walk in bath at a lower price.

One Piece Construction

The most crucial element to a walk in bath is its strength and rigidity. Any flex in the bathtub from water or user weight will cause the door to leak. All other Walk in baths on the market, are two- piece construction! Our Bathtub is molded into one- piece, this is the only way to give the bathtub the true strength it needs to keep from flexing under any conditions.

Stainless Steel Frame

Our walk in baths are built on a stainless steel frame, the frame will never rust!

Tile Flange

Our walk in baths have a one inch tile flange around the bathtub edge, this insures that water will never leak behind the edge of the bathtub.

Secondary door drain

We have a secondary drain built into the base of our door.

Extension filler piece included

The extension filler piece fills in the extra space in a 60 inch opening.

17 inch high seat & built in grab bar

The ADA height seat and built in grab bar make getting up and down a breeze!

An Excellent Warranty

Our tubs feature a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel frame, tub shell, tub finish, and door seal. All other parts have a 10 Year warranty.

A wide variety of hydrotherapy jetting options

Water forced whirlpool with in-line heater or heated air jet hydrotherapy options available,also a combination of air and whirlpool jets.



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